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1ST Annual Jemez Pueblo
Livestock Association Sale

Valley Livestock Auction, Inc.-Albuquerque, New Mexico is pleased to announce the 1ST Annual Jemez Pueblo Livestock Association Sale, Saturday, October 2, 2004. This special sale will feature steers and heifers from one of the areas finest operations. These outstanding calves weighing @ 400-600 lbs, have been pre-conditioned and were raised at an altitude of 8500+ feet in the lush, majestic Valles Caldera National Preserve (Valle Grande) of Northern New Mexico. At 14 miles across, the Valles Caldera is one of the largest volcanic caldera’s in the world. Call Claude Wilcox at Valley Livestock Auction, Inc. today for details on this special sale at (505) 877-0723 or toll free, 1877-622-8853.

Don’t miss this limited opportunity to choose from a broad selection of high  performance calves. Attend 1ST Annual Jemez Pueblo Livestock Association Sale at Valley Livestock Auction, Inc Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 2, 2004 Auction begins at 10: 00 a.m, come early.

Here is some backgrounding information regarding the Jemez Pueblo Livestock Association’s (JPLA) Valles Caldera herd.

The following is mandatory requirements for participation in the Valles Caldera Stewardship Conservation Program.  And so, our herd has met all requirements:

  • All livestock shall be free of contagious diseases, including brucellosis, trichomoniasis and other reproductive diseases.

All cows and bulls must be vaccinated 30 days prior to scheduled entry with the following vaccines:

    1. One shot Ultra 7 or equivalent (JPLA cattle were vaccinated w/ 8-Way)
    2. CattleMaster 4VL+ 5
    3. Ivermectin – Pour on
    4. Proof of vaccination will be required
    5. Bulls brought onto the preserve for this program must be trichomoniasis tested no more than 60 days prior to entry onto Valles Caldera.
    6. All calves vaccinated w/ 8-Way

The bulls are all registered black Angus.  And, all bulls were fertility tested one month prior to entry.


















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